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Librarian Toolkit: SlideShare

SlideShare ( is a great tool that allows you to share your presentations and to view other presentations. Their website boasts over 60 million visitors and being “amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world” (  Obviously, this a fairly well known tool, however, if you haven’t heard about it than I will explain why you should be using it.

The great part about SlideShare is that you can use it for professional development.  If you want to learn more about a topic such as Library 2.0 or embedded librarians than SlideShare is a great tool.  Instead of waiting for a webinar or presentation at a conference, you can search SlideShare for a presentation on the information your looking for.  Often times the presentations on SlideShare are uploaded by library professionals or presenters of webinars and conferences.  SlideShare can also be used to see how others are presenting and can spark some creative ideas for your own presentations.

Slides are manually moved by the viewer and there is no audio so the viewer has to read the notes for the presentation in order to fully understand the presentation.  Despite this, SlideShare is still a great place to go to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Basic memberships with SlideShare are free and only allow for uploading and sharing presentations, however, it’s important to know a basic membership uploads all presentations as public.  There is also a silver, gold, and platinum membership which offers more bells and whistles such as removing ads, uploading videos, private uploads, creating a personal SlideShare page, a LinkedIn widget, and statistics of your SlideShares.

SlideShare supports a variety of formats.  Files that can be shared include PDFs, power point, open office, videos, and webinars.  Flash files such as those created from Prezi presentations cannot be uploaded to SlideShare, however, you could create a video of the presentation and then upload it.

Using SlideShare is easy.  You just go to their website and type in the subject you’re looking for and you instantly get your results. Uploading your own presentation is also very simple.  SlideShare has done a brilliant job ensuring that its website provides an intuitive browsing experience.

If you’re looking for ways to expand your knowledge on library topics than SlideShare is a tool that you should have in your toolkit, because it’s easy to use and quickly provides ideas on how to present on your own topics as well as being a great source for sharing your ideas and learning from others.

Examples of Library topics in SlideShare:

Library 2.0-

Embedded Librarians-

Reference Interview-

Federal Depository Library System (FDLP)-


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