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Librarian Toolkit: Prezi

So you have a presentation to do and you really want to impress the crowd with something new and creative.  Microsoft PowerPoint has become the norm for presentations and is often expected.  However, if you would like to avoid death by power point, than you should consider using Prezi.  Prezi is presentation software developed in 2009 that allows for zooming in and out. It also allows you to rotate the presentation and to move from place to place on the background image.  There is no software or subscription to buy and presentations are cloud based which makes it easy to access content from any computer that has an internet connection.

I first saw Prezi used by a coworker who was presenting at the North Carolina Library Association’s biennial conference.  I was amazed by the fluidity and creativity of the program and have become a huge fan of Prezi.

A screen shot of my prezi background.

About a week ago, I got a chance to use Prezi for the first time during a presentation.  I did a presentation about Government Information in an Academic Environment (see it here:  Being new to Prezi I decided to modify a template.  I watched all the tutorials that are offered on Prezi’s website; however, I found the best way to learn the product is to actually make a Prezi. The controls are fairly easy to use, but it does take some time to learn how to use them properly.

There are some good features and bad features of Prezi.  For example, they offer a number of templates that you can modify and also numerous examples of other presentations.  All these templates and examples come from users who have a free account.  While Prezi is free to use it also requires you share all of your presentations with others.  The only way to stop this is to pay for a membership.  One great feature of Prezi is that you can take your old PowerPoint files and make them into a Prezi presentation.  So if you have a great presentation that you want to convert to Prezi it is really easy to do.  Another item to keep in mind is how you set up your presentation and the speed can make people motion sick.  So you really have to be conscience of how your presentation will affect the viewer, something you didn’t have to consider when using power point.

Overall Prezi presentations are creative and innovative.  If you really want to impress your audience then this may be one way to do it as Prezi is still relatively unknown.  Anyone who uses Prezi to present will surely have questions about how it works. The bad news is that your presentation will be on the internet for anyone to see unless you pay for a membership.  Also, Prezi can take a bit longer to learn as its navigation system is rather unique.   However, any investment in creating a Prezi will surely be returned by the enthusiasm of your audience after seeing your presentation.

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