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Librarian Toolkit: doPDF

The Librarian Toolkit is a new series to the blog where I will highlight new and emerging tools that can be used by librarians.

Have you ever wanted to save a website or screen as a pdf? DoPDF is an exceptional tool when you are trying to make webpages or screens into a PDF that can be saved, emailed, or printed.  It’s important to note, that doPDF does not work with multimedia files. In other words, you can’t make a PDF of a video using doPDF.

Basically the way doPDF works is that you install the program on your computer and it acts like a printer.  Once you find a page you want to make a PDF from, you simply hit control and p.  The printer box will come up and you choose doPDF.  This creates a pdf version of the page your looking at. For more detailed instructions check out the step by step directions on NewbieMania.

As a librarian, I use this program often.  I have a need to take web based newsletters and create PDF versions.  This program allows me to make a PDF from each page of the newsletter.  Another use of this program is to create PDFs of job announcements.  I find that job announcements normally are removed from the internet once a position’s closing date has passed.  Creating a PDF of the job announcement allows me to save it with my resume and other things I send when applying for a job.   That way if I am called for an interview, I have a precise copy of the job announcement at the time I applied.  It also makes it possible to send copies of the job announcement to your references when you get an interview.  Using doPDF is a better option then just printing out job announcements because

To download the program click here:


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One thought on “Librarian Toolkit: doPDF

  1. Robin S. on said:

    Wow! What a godsend when working from home!

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