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Webinar Alert: Help! I’m an Accidental Government Information Librarian presents …Beginner’s Guide to Legislative History

On November 9th, Steve Case, Access Services Librarian, and Rebecca Hymann, Reference and Outreach Librarian, both from the State Library of North Carolina will be presenting on legislative histories. Before working at the Government and Heritage Library Steve worked at the UNC Law Library for 12 years.

Legislative history attempts to answer two questions: (1) *What* does the law say (or, more often, what did it say in the past), and (2) *Why* does the law say what it says.  Being able to track legislation from inception to General Statute is vital to answering these questions.   This session will explain more fully what legislative history is (and is not), look at the print and online resources available, show what roadblocks may prevent patrons from finding complete answers, and provide suggestions for alternative sources of information.  Familiarity with the NC General Statutes and NC Session Laws is helpful but not required.

Sign up for this webinar by Novemember 8th at 5 PM EST at


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