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Library Website: Open Cover Letters

Open Cover Letters

Have you ever wondered what successful library candidates are putting in their cover letters?  Thanks to Stephen X. Flynn, Emerging Technologies Librarian at the College of Wooster, and creator of Open Cover Letters we no longer have to wonder. Open Cover Letters provides a place where you can search for cover letters from librarians in a variety of positions such as library instruction, reference, recent graduate, and department head to name a few.  The cover letters on the website are sent in by successful job candidates and verified by Flynn.  Personal information pertaining to the institution and person are blacked out.

Creating a well written cover letter is vital in the job search.  If you can’t effectively communicate your skills and how it relates to the position then you have less of a chance of getting selected for an interview. Open Cover Letters provides a site for job searchers to see the strategies of successful job seekers.

Click here to go to Open Cover Letters:


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One thought on “Library Website: Open Cover Letters

  1. Very inspiring job seeking information! Cover letter is very crucial in getting an interview.

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